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  • Built-In Systems

  • In today’s larger homes, with more sophisticated communications needs, telephone systems have become more popular than ever. In addition to outside communication, new phone systems allow intercom communication between rooms, background music, voicemail and even answer your door. In addition to communications, cleaning has become more convenient through the creation of central cleaning systems. The power unit is located usually in a garage which reduces the amount of dust and noise in the home environment. The larger motors in these systems also provide significantly more powerful vacuum force.

    Additionally, due to the increased size of the vacuum canister many clients only empty their vacuum once a year. Ever wish you could turn off every light in your house without getting out of bed, want to be able to dim multiple lights at the touch of a button? Through the magic of Line carrier switches we can make your dream a reality. We can even make the same remote you use to turn on and off your TV, control the appliances in your home!